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Events—TV and Media Appearances

NBC Denver interviews Misa about how to make New Year’s resolutions for your healthiest year ever.

Misa talks about reducing holiday stress on Fox News in Las Vegas.

Misa just got back from Orlando where she appeared on nationally syndicated Emotional Mojo! She talked about the impact of emotional stress on our physical bodies.

Misa was recently invited to appear on NBC TV Albuquerque about how to take care of yourself in the Obamacare doctor shortage. Watch the clip!

While in Albuquerque, Misa was also interviewed by Chad Brummett on Fox News about how emotional stress can cause illness.

Events—Spiritual Retreats and Ceremonies

Spiritual retreats and ceremonies, offered through the New Dream Foundation and Misa Hopkins, are based in Native ceremonies that have deep regard for the Sacred Feminine, a significant doorway to self-healing and Divine awareness. These are practices that Reverend Misa was trained and given to share. You do not need to be Native or committed to Native spiritual practice in order to participate. Simply come with a willingness to discover how these ancient practices can help you heal and open to your true self.

Women’s Retreat in the Sacred Feminine

Hood River, Oregon
October 18-20

Hundreds of years ago, Native women asked themselves how they could experience happiness no matter what was happening around them. They wondered how a woman accesses the promise of Divine awareness and love. They wondered in a prayerful way and they were given an answer. Now that answer is being shared with you. Women, Water and Spirit